Darren Jaillet
Personal Trainer

Darren is our head trainer, with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He possesses a proven track record in helping clients achieve their fitness goals through customised training programs and qualified nutrition advice. He strives to be the top of his field always learning and developing to bring the latest research and training modalities to the clientele. He too is an accomplished athlete, holding both state and national titles in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Darren has spent time training and working with strength and conditioning coaches internationally mainly Thailand and Indonesia where he has developed the passion for rehabilitation, correct movement patterns, injury prevention, functional strength and performance.


  • Bachelor of exercise and sport science (studying)
  • Cert 3 & 4 in fitness
  • Lvl 1 strength and conditioning coach
  • Cert sports nutrition
  • Cert sports psychology
  • Precision nutrition coach
  • Accredited rehab trainer
  • Corrective exercise specialist
  • Functional movement screen
  • Movement and mobility specialist
  • Myofascial cupping therapist
  • Kinesiology taping practitioner

Tel Tunstell Personal Training Plus

Chantel Tunstall
Masseuse/Personal Training

Chantel is the co-owner of Personal Training Plus alongside her brother in law Beau Martin. We’ve been established since 2013 in the bayside area of Wynnum.
As a qualified Cert IV Massage Therapist she offers our clients a range of massage treatments including Swedish, Cupping and Hot Stone. She love’s working out at the gym, whether it be strength training or joining in with group fitness classes. This has led to a desire to further her career by gaining her Personal Training qualifications. She is passionate about health and fitness and she wants to work with people to motivate, encourage, educate and support them in their journey towards a positive, healthy and active lifestyle.

Beau Martin - Personal Training Plus

Beau Martin
Personal Trainer

Beau is the co-owner of Personal Training Plus with his sister-in-law, Chantel. He is qualified through the Academy of Fitness and has 3 years experience as a personal trainer.
His desire to help others live a healthy lifestyle stems from his own fitness journey where he lost over 35kgs. This helps him relate to clients throughout their own weight loss and fitness journey. He loves cardiovascular training and has a background of training in martial arts which influences his training style.


Personal Training Plus Logo

At Personal Training Plus we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We strive to give our clients the guidance, support, information and education needed to sustain a healthy and happy life.


Personal Training Plus has made it their mission to improve the quality of life of their clients. We have designed a unique personal training studio in the heart of the Wynnum CBD to cater to the needs of a wide range of clientele. Evolving over 20 years, the studio offers a selection of services to choose from including our unique “group personal training” sessions, one on one personal training, HIIT style classes and massage. We continually seek out the latest applicable knowledge in exercise science and apply it to all of our services in order to provide the best service possible.

Why choose us?

  • Family Owned and Operated Personal Training Studio
  • A friendly and supportive team made up of 3 qualified personal trainers
  • Fully equipped, custom built studio located in the heart of the Wynnum CBD
  • A wide range of services offered to cater to every need and every budget
  • Proven track record of achieving results for clients


Personal Training Plus specializes in a wide range of training styles and methods to help clients achieve their goals. These include:

  • Weight loss
  • Strength
  • Hypertrophy
  • Group Training
  • Obstacle course race training
    (specialised group training)
  • Rehab assistance
  • Bone density
  • Diabetics
  • Older adults & children
  • Pregnancy
  • Postural Correction
  • Sport Specific Training



Many people have expressed that they would like to train more regularly with a trainer, however their budget cannot always afford.

Additional personal training. That is why we have developed a program that makes Personal Training more accessible to more people.

Whether your goal is to get strong, lose body fat, increase your confidence or enhance your overall fitness, our great value 'Share the Trainer' Program will motivate you towards getting the results you want!
If you are just starting with us, the first step is to undergo an initial fitness assessment with one of our qualified trainers. This assessment is designed to communicate your goals with our team and allow you to get a feel for the gym and how it operates.

The results from this assessment are then taken and a program is designed specifically for your needs and goals. This program can then be instructed to you in our 'Share the Trainer' sessions by one of our qualified trainers. Within the 60 minute session, each individual will have their own unique program instructed to them whilst being taught proper form and technique. This way you still receive the benefits of having a one on one personal training session however as it is instructed in a group environment you save on the cost!


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
6am - 7am 6am - 7am 6am - 7am
7am - 8am 7am - 8am 7am - 8am
9am - 10am 8am - 9am 8am - 9am 8am - 9am
4pm - 5pm 4pm - 5pm
5pm - 6pm 5pm - 6pm 5pm - 6pm 5pm - 6pm
6pm - 7pm Boxing Class
6pm - 7pm
6pm - 7pm Boxing Class
6pm - 7pm
7pm - 8pm

Boxing Personal training plus

Pricing: PersonalTraining

Initial Assessment   $44

One On One Personal Training   $70

Two On One Personal Training   $95

Share the Trainer Program Casual  $25


One On One Personal Training
10 Pack    $650 (Save $50)

Share the Trainer
Unlimited   $55 Per Week


Swedish Massage   60 Minutes - $55

Hot Stone Massage   60 Minutes - $70

Cupping Massage   60 Minutes - $60


Hot stone massage which is one of the best ways to take a break is seen by a lot of people not as a luxury but as a necessity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are the top 10 benefits of hot stone massage. Have you ever been so tired that you felt like your head was going to burst? Almost all people experience this at some point in their lives. Although there's nothing wrong with it happening once or twice but for you to constantly to get tired beyond what your mind and body can handle is not good for your health and well-being.

Hot stone massage which is one of the best ways to take a break is seen by a lot of people not as a luxury but as a necessity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are not sure why, here are the top 10 benefits of hot stone massage:

1. A good way to manage stress. Studies show that stress is the number one root of a lot of diseases and disorders. Whether it's stress from work, home or dailyactivities, the result is the same: too much stress can lead to health problems.

And because we can never run away from it, the only way to deal with it is to manage stress efficiently. A hot stone massage offers some relaxing time for your mind and does wonders in releasing muscular tension. Thus this is one of the best ways to relieve you of stress.

2. Effective in muscle relaxation. The heat in the stones is effective in enabling the muscles to loosen up and relax. This makes it easier for deep tissue manipulation.

3. Improves health conditions. More and more doctors are beginning to recommend this therapy as part of medical treatment of a lot of health problems such as Arthritis, Fibromylagia, Hypertension and musculoskeletal problems.

4. Allows better sleep. It's really hard to get a good quality sleep when you're over fatigued. With the relaxation you get from this therapy, it makes it easier for you to doze off into a deep sleep which your body needs to recuperate from daily fatigue. This is why people who have Insomnia are often advised to get this therapy.

5. Relieves pain. Manipulation of muscles can significantly reduce muscle spasm and give comfort to painful muscles so those who suffer from back pains or muscle aches often go for this therapy.

6. Improves blood circulation and flow of energy. The stones are placed on key points of your body known as energy centres which are sometimes clogged or blocked.

          Read More About Hot Stone Massage



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